Tanning Tablets and Its Benefits

Many of us want to get tanned and have a better complexion, however getting tanned in the sun poses risk of sun’s ultraviolent rays which can cause lot of damage to your skin starting from lines, wrinkles and even skin cancer. You want a golden glow but you need to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays of the sun and tanning bed too. There are a few other options which consist of tanning tablets and lotions which will help you get a tan without any unhealthy side effects. Let’s have a look at what tanning pills are and how they are used.Tanning Tips

What are tanning tablets?

There are two types of tanning tablets which should be taken before, during and after your holiday ends. It should be taken along with your normal sun cream lotion and this will help you get a quick, deep and long lasting tan.

The second tablet will help you get a tan an also protect you from the damage done by the sun. The tablets are not FDA approved.

The ingredients in the tablets are carotenoids. Canthaxanthin helps in stimulating a tan. If you consume this ingredient, it will give you an orange, brown sun kissed look. The body dissolves canthaxanthin in body fat and when consumed in higher quantities, it becomes to settle down in the fatty layer which helps in tinting the colour of the skin. Normally melanin is the ingredients which is responsible for the brown colour of the skin, however if you take pills, it becomes a totally different way of developing a tan. You might not develop a brown tan, but something which is orange in colour.Tanning Tablets Benefits

Effectiveness of tanning tablets

Canthaxanthin may or may not be effective in tanning procedure, but there is a problem with this. One needs to consume high levels of this tablet to see results. It may take 2 weeks or more to show change in skin colour, however large amounts of canthaxanthin has side effects which might be fatal

There is another type of tanning tablet whose ingredient is L-tyrosine, Vitamin E and copper. They help in increasing the production of melanin. People have given a mixed review about it and it is considered comparatively safer as it has only vitamins. However, there is not FDA backed research on these tablets.

Comparison with Tanning spray

Tanning spray is an inexpensive and fast becoming a favoured way for tanning. You can get it done in professional salons where your body will get sprayed from top to bottom which will result in a bronze look. It is easier and quite safer than getting a UV tan done. People have found this procedure easier, fast and cost effective than sitting for hours in the sun.

On the other hand, people have also liked the tanning tablet which is also very easy to use. The only thing you should remember is that, you should not be over dosing. Just like spray tan, they do not have any risk factor or complications. The pills contain objects that mix in your body and increase the melanin content which results in a bronzed sun tanned look.

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