Are you aware of the potential risks using tanning injections?

In today’s society, people often want to maintain that all year long summer tan, and they will go to any length to do so. Manufacturers have noticed tanning products surge in popularity with newly found reality shows featuring flawlessly tanned cast members and have revelled in their successes.

But more often than not, consumers are unaware of the potential risks that the search for their own personal perfection may be having on their health.

Often referred to as a tan in a bottle, tanning injections are not only dangerous but in many countries illegal. Despite this well-known fact, consumers are still purchasing this often-lethal product in order to achieve their aesthetic pleasures.

It is claimed that Melanotan will leave your body beautifully and naturally bronzed as well as reducing your appetite and increasing your libido.

It states that it stimulates the pigments that are contained in your body in order to produce more melanin which is what gives your body its tanned appearance. It is said that it takes just over a week to notice any difference.

However, as it is an unregulated and illegal substance, health organizations have stated there is no truth in this statement whatsoever as there has been no significant testing done on it and that the dangers truly outweigh the benefits.

vial of melontan and syringe

The first and the foremost danger when using tanning injections is the fact that it is administered by using a needle. The needles are often administered by someone who is untrained.

This can cause significant skin and tissue damage, resulting in possible medical complications and even life-threatening consequences. Other side effects from tanning injections may also include possible allergic reactions, sickness, and dizziness.

Would you really want to inject yourself with a substance that may contain a variety of illegal chemicals for the sake of vanity? Or would it just be better to use the safe and regulated bottled tan from a drugstore?

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