Are you aware of the potential risks using tanning injections?

In today’s society, people often want to maintain that all year long summer tan, and they will go to any length to do so. Manufacturers have noticed tanning products surge in popularity with newly found reality shows featuring flawlessly tanned cast members and have revelled in their successes.

But more often than not, consumers are unaware of the potential risks that the search for their own personal perfection may be having on their health.

Often referred to as a tan in a bottle, tanning injections are not only dangerous but in many countries illegal. Despite this well-known fact, consumers are still purchasing this often-lethal product in order to achieve their aesthetic pleasures.

It is claimed that Melanotan will leave your body beautifully and naturally bronzed as well as reducing your appetite and increasing your libido.

It states that it stimulates the pigments that are contained in your body in order to produce more melanin which is what gives your body its tanned appearance. It is said that it takes just over a week to notice any difference.

However, as it is an unregulated and illegal substance, health organizations have stated there is no truth in this statement whatsoever as there has been no significant testing done on it and that the dangers truly outweigh the benefits.

vial of melontan and syringe

The first and the foremost danger when using tanning injections is the fact that it is administered by using a needle. The needles are often administered by someone who is untrained.

This can cause significant skin and tissue damage, resulting in possible medical complications and even life-threatening consequences. Other side effects from tanning injections may also include possible allergic reactions, sickness, and dizziness.

Would you really want to inject yourself with a substance that may contain a variety of illegal chemicals for the sake of vanity? Or would it just be better to use the safe and regulated bottled tan from a drugstore?

How Tanning Tablets Reviews Help You Find the Best Products

Tanning Tablets Reviews

The use of tanning tablets reviews in finding the right tanning tablets is always encouraged. In a market where there are so many different types of tanning tablets and different types of sellers, there can never be anything more reliable in discerning quality than the experiences of customers who have used various products before. This is exactly what the reviews are for. They are simply designed to give prospective users of a given tanning product a firsthand account of how it works and its authenticity from the perspective of someone else who has actually used it. As long as the reviews are genuine, then you can easily use them to find the best tablets in the market.

What Can You Learn from These Tanning Tablet Reviews?

There’s so much information that you can get from reviews. It doesn’t matter whether they are reviews for tanning tablets or reviews for any other product. This information often cuts across.

Well, here are some of the most important things you will learn through tanning tablets reviews:

The Overall User Experience

The most important thing you will learn from reviews is the overall user experience. Take for example a tanning tablet that’s sold online. Let’s say this product is purchased by a hundred people. They go home, use it, and expect some results. The reviews they will give will cover their experience from the time they bought the Teesora product to the time when they were expecting to see some results. This is very important information. It will tell you which tanning tablets actually deliver results, how fast those results are delivered, and whether there are any possible side effects to be aware off.Tanning Pills

Product Authenticity

The perfect measure of authenticity when it comes to tanning tablets is actually how a product works and the results it offers. A tanning tablet is considered to be authentic if it works as advertised. Customer reviews will allow you to know which tablets are authentic and which ones are not. By reading the experiences of customers, you are likely to know which product leads to a skin tan and which one doesn’t.

Costs and Logistics

It’s also important to know the costs of various products. If you are a value shopper looking for the best product at an affordable price, then reviews will have all that kind of information. You are also likely to get information about logistics of shipping. Customers will provide information on whether the product they purchased online was shipped in time and if there were any additional costs for this through their reviews. This information will not just help you pick the product but also the seller. Besides, no one wants to buy a tanning tablet online only to wait months before it’s shipped.

Genuine tanning tablets reviews are essential in helping customers find quality and genuine tanning tablets online. Feel free to explore as many reviews as possible just to be sure that you are buying a quality brand.

Do Tanning Tablets Work Actually?

Getting a tan can be done in many ways but do tanning tablets work? Tanning tablets have been developed over the last few years by cosmetic companies in a bid to offer people a safer and more reliable solution for skin tanning. However, there seem to be divided opinions as to whether they work or not. On one hand, there are some who believe these tablets are a big joke while there are others who think that indeed using these tablets will help with skin tanning. Well, in this article, we are going to put this into perspective by exploring how these tablets are meant to work, customer reviews, and some of the factors that determine whether the tablet can deliver a tan or not.Tanning Pills

What Are Tanning Tablets and How Do They Work

A tanning tablet is basically a supplement that’s used to help trigger skin tanning. Most tanning tablets are synthetic hormones that are created to trigger the development of skin tan through the production of more melanin in the skin. Although there are many tablets out there, most will contain the Melanotan peptide, the hormone that triggers the production of melanin. These tablets may have some side effects but they are generally considered to be safer compared to tanning injections and tanning beds.

Will the Tablets Work?

Well, it’s really very difficult to say because the experience of various people seems to be very different. However, there are a number of rules that will determine whether these tablets will deliver the tan you want or not.tanning tips

Here are some of these factors:

  • Genuine tablets – A tanning tablet will work only if it’s genuine. There are many products that claim to offer a tan within a few days but you should be very careful. If something seems too good to be true, you should ignore it.
  • You also need to make sure that you are getting out there on the sun. Most tablets like Fly Tan will trigger the production of melanin but spending a few hours under the sun can make the results even better.
  • It’s important to be patient. Tanning tablets will not offer quick results as you may think. It will take some time.

It’s indeed true that tanning tablets work. The only thing that matters is that you buy a genuine product. So, if you have been asking do tanning tablets work, the answers above should be enough to convince you.

Are Tanning Tablets Safe: The Answer You Have Been Waiting For

Tanning tablets have been all the rage recently and it is no wonder why – it is because these miracle pills work! Tanning tablets have been in vogue for a while now and it is a lot more than just a paltry trend in the works. They are an effective and long lasting solution that has been proven over and over again. Tanning tablet reviews have been pouring in and users have had only their thanks and positive recommendations to offer. You get a golden glow effortlessly and without any of the painstaking efforts that would be normally required to achieve it.tanning-tipsNow, coming to the question on every sceptic’s mind: are these tanning tablets safe for consumption? The answer is: yes, tanning through tablets is a safe and authentic procedure for one and all. Obviously, that is not going to cut it for all those who are in dilemma right now. Let us, then, not waste any more time and get right into the details of it.


Melanin is the pigment that determines how dark or light the colour of your skin is – higher the melanin quantity, stronger the skin tone. In an unadulterated scenario where no interference has taken place, people with a lower melanin count are not going to end up with a richer skin tone at any cost. What tanning tablets basically do is that they work to increase the melanin count. The doubt raised over here is in correlation with the amount of risk factor associated with these tanning supplements. It can be safely assured that this is a tried and tested process, evaluated by the best of experts with the maximum experience in their fields of research. The chemical composition of these tablets is such that there is seamless and organic production of the melanin pigment. This is primarily due to the fact that these tanning tablets do not use any harmful ingredients – and this is a point of utmost importance. All that these tablets do is to encourage the production of these skin tanning pigments so that the body can produce them on their own in the natural and organic way. It is due to this very fact that the procedure is absolutely safe: it never causes the body to act unnaturally; it only propels the mechanism it already has.

Customer reviews have been a proof to the risk free disposition of these tanning supplements. People are very satisfied with these tablets and have achieved their desired skin tone in a very short amount of time. A particular favourite amongst tanning tablet brands seems to be Spa as everyone who used it had zero complaints and even recommended this brand of tanning tablets to other people. Amongst the wide range of tanning tablets, this specific one seems to have won a lot of hearts.

Say hello to a tanned self with tanning tablets!

Tanning Tablets and Its Benefits

Many of us want to get tanned and have a better complexion, however getting tanned in the sun poses risk of sun’s ultraviolent rays which can cause lot of damage to your skin starting from lines, wrinkles and even skin cancer. You want a golden glow but you need to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays of the sun and tanning bed too. There are a few other options which consist of tanning tablets and lotions which will help you get a tan without any unhealthy side effects. Let’s have a look at what tanning pills are and how they are used.Tanning Tips

What are tanning tablets?

There are two types of tanning tablets which should be taken before, during and after your holiday ends. It should be taken along with your normal sun cream lotion and this will help you get a quick, deep and long lasting tan.

The second tablet will help you get a tan an also protect you from the damage done by the sun. The tablets are not FDA approved.

The ingredients in the tablets are carotenoids. Canthaxanthin helps in stimulating a tan. If you consume this ingredient, it will give you an orange, brown sun kissed look. The body dissolves canthaxanthin in body fat and when consumed in higher quantities, it becomes to settle down in the fatty layer which helps in tinting the colour of the skin. Normally melanin is the ingredients which is responsible for the brown colour of the skin, however if you take pills, it becomes a totally different way of developing a tan. You might not develop a brown tan, but something which is orange in colour.Tanning Tablets Benefits

Effectiveness of tanning tablets

Canthaxanthin may or may not be effective in tanning procedure, but there is a problem with this. One needs to consume high levels of this tablet to see results. It may take 2 weeks or more to show change in skin colour, however large amounts of canthaxanthin has side effects which might be fatal

There is another type of tanning tablet whose ingredient is L-tyrosine, Vitamin E and copper. They help in increasing the production of melanin. People have given a mixed review about it and it is considered comparatively safer as it has only vitamins. However, there is not FDA backed research on these tablets.

Comparison with Tanning spray

Tanning spray is an inexpensive and fast becoming a favoured way for tanning. You can get it done in professional salons where your body will get sprayed from top to bottom which will result in a bronze look. It is easier and quite safer than getting a UV tan done. People have found this procedure easier, fast and cost effective than sitting for hours in the sun.

On the other hand, people have also liked the tanning tablet which is also very easy to use. The only thing you should remember is that, you should not be over dosing. Just like spray tan, they do not have any risk factor or complications. The pills contain objects that mix in your body and increase the melanin content which results in a bronzed sun tanned look.

Tanning Pills Also Work as Tanning Accelerators

Tanning Pills are the future of tanning and here is why.

So you are like thousands and thousands of other people who want a perfectly bronzed body not only in the summer time, but year round and are looking for the ideal tanning technique that will accommodate your tanning desires.  Today there are sure a variety of tanning techniques and methods to choose and surely they all profess to be the very best.  With that said, it is understandable why choosing the perfect tanning solution can be quite confusing and even frustrating for many people.healthy tanI would like to believe that most people who are obsessed with tanning their bodies are also concerned about avoiding any harmful risks or side effects that often accompany tanning techniques.  We all know that tanning in the direct UV rays of the sun, though the results can be extraordinary, is remarkably dangerous to our health.  The same holds true for tanning lamps and the ever popular tanning beds as well.  Further, tanning sprays can present with side effects and risks as well as can many of the tanning creams, gels, and lotions.  There is, however, one tanning technique that has proven to be not only effective and efficient, but safe and risk free as well.  In addition to being a positive tanning method that can be used by people of all ages, this tanning product also proves to be a tanning accelerator as well.   Speeding up tanning results and enhancing your overall tan itself, tanning pills are fast becoming the most favored resource for tanning the human body.

With a more youthful look a number one priority to so many people today, and the belief that sporting a tanned body contributes to that very youthful look, people are constantly in search of improved tanning products that can afford them the vibrant, anti-aging look they so desperately desire.  Tanning pills can do just that and even more.

Are Tanning Pills Truly Effective?

Like so many of the tanning products and solutions available on the market today, people also question whether or not tanning pills are for real.  Can consuming a pill each day actually produce a beautiful, bronzed tan that you can sport all year round if you so desire?  The answer to that question is quite simply yes.  Studies have proven that many brands of tanning pills out there today are both safe and effective.  Tanning pills tend to work with an individual’s body composition to produce a natural, very healthy looking tan.  Your new tan will give your body that vibrant, glowing look you want to achieve and all by simply disciplining yourself to take your tanning pills as a part of your daily routine.look tannedIn addition, if you are looking to acquire that tanned look sooner rather than later, then know that many tanning pills act as accelerators as well and can help deliver outstanding tanning results in faster timelines than imaginable by stimulating the production of the Melanin in your body and creating the perfect pigmentation that is responsible for producing your perfect tanned body.

With organic, all-natural ingredients that are also FDA approved and proven to be safe as well as effective, when then would anyone resort to any other tanning solution when looking to achieve a healthy, all-natural tanned look.  The results tanning pills deliver are amazing and are sure to make you the envy of all your family and friends.

If you are looking for a safe, all-natural, effective tanning solution that you can depend upon, then tanning pills are the ideal solution for you.  There are a variety of tanning pills available on the market today, so spend a little time researching the brands before choosing the product you think will best suits your individual needs.  One great brand which we highly recommend is Rio tanning tablets that work.